Small penis: methods to increase the size of the

How to increase length of a member or his or her width? Some men do not consider the size of his penis is perfect, and ready to go for many because of its increase. Therefore, if it is possible at home?

How to increase penis length?

small dick

At this time there are many men who think that the size of their member is not enough to satisfy your partner and begin to because of this doubt their abilities.

But before you decide that the length or width of the penis is insufficient, you need to determine what is the normal size of penis and what should be the ideal size of the view of the girls. Perhaps, for the doubt in and of itself no reason.

How to increase the size of the penis? You can do this many different ways. It is and surgery, and non-surgical methods.

Creams and pills

Scientific experts assert that the positive effect after these funds is nothing more than autosuggestion, since the drug does not affect in any way on the body and has a placebo effect.

This vision is hard to refute, because at this time, none is reliable this test, which would only be confirmed by the fact that the use of these tools is really any influence on the length or the width of the sexual organ.

We can say with certainty, that these creams and pills of the negative effect to the male body do not wear, because their composition is almost always a ginseng, a variety of cannabis, yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of these tools, possibly, will strengthen your body, but the size of a member will not have an influence.

Exercises and weights to increase penis size

Of the company-the makers claim that, if every day for 8 hours to wear similar to the attribute, it is possible to get penis enlargement of a few centimeters. But this method is very doubtful, because in this way can only stretch piderme, but he has not even the sexual organ.

Before you begin the implementation of a variety of exercises, such as the way of influence on the length and width of the penis, you need to understand that the sexual organ is not the biceps. Pump, it is impossible.

Despite this, in the network continue to grow in popularity of various courses of training sessions that help quite a bit such as changing the size of his penis. For example, one such complex is called "jelcing". They say that it is composed of a variety of exercises arab technician, which have come down to us from antiquity.

The vacuum pump

The result is an empty form, which stimulates the flow of blood to the sex to the authority, in his turn, he becomes agitated and visually, of course, increases.

After the procedure, the foundation member is attached to a small ringlet, which prevents rapid flow of the blood. Although this technique popular, regarded as the middle course impossible, as:

  • does not rule out impotence in a patient;
  • it is likely damage to the blood vessels, resulting in bruising;
  • is not excluded damage to the soft tissue.

In addition, after having, with a sexual organ is being filmed for the ring, he will be exactly the same size as it was before.

Increase penis size surgically

In the journal "urology European today" 10 years ago, have published an article that said that the maximum length to which you can enlarge the penis, which does not exceed 3 centimeters. At this time, men will offer to do one of two things.

Increase the length

No secret, it is thanks to the presence of small ropes, the man's penis is attached to the pelvis. This supports the ligaments, firmly attached to sex, authority, and hide a part of his deep in the body.

A surgical procedure involves weakening of the ligamentous tension, which is achieved thanks to the fact that the cut. Accordingly, after an operation for a large part of the sexual organ is visible. However, there is a risk that, in the future, the ligaments do not begin again to weld.

To avoid such side effect, a man of duty each day in a period of 6 months to be worn on the penis special of special equipment.

Penis enlargement width

But after some time, doctors have understood that the adipose tissue places begins to deteriorate, and as a result, the member does not seem smooth. After it started to do another operation, in which the member is implanted in the tissue, the graft is not genetically similar organism, which applies to different types of reconstructive surgery.

The Doctor J. Rosenthal said that after the operation of side-effects, as in the previous case, no. The result is really achieved, and it lasts for more than a year. But, unfortunately, nobody can give an absolute guarantee that the donor tissue after the graft will behave the same way.

In addition to these two most common ways, there are others. For example, if the patient is severely overweight, increase the size of his penis visually with the aid of liposuction. During the operation of the foundation a member of the cleanliness in the adipose tissue.

What are the consequences on the methods of penis enlargement?

In addition, if a man will try to change the size of your penis with the help of these funds, and does not get the desired result, it can sink into depression, which can even be a psychogenic cause of erectile dysfunction.

And this problem should be removed with the help of medication. Also the lack of self confidence can cause premature ejaculation, which also has a negative impact on the quality of your sex life.

To really increase the length or width of a member only with the help of a surgical intervention. All the other methods in the best case, will not result, in the worst can even injure you. Before deciding on any procedure, make sure you consult with your doctor and weigh the "pros" and "cons".

The truth about increasing penis

It is considered that the manhood must be of sizes outstanding. Well, okay, not to get in the boots, but all the same. Many men complex due to the small envelope from its main body and begin to look for different ways to expand the Online offer fully. However, many of them will not help, but harm.

Does it stretch

penis enlargement

We have analyzed the most popular of the methodology which today provide for the penis. To separate them, as they say, the wheat from the chaff.

Very tempting looks like the possibility of extending the dignity of using a simulator called extender. Promises that it mechanically expands the authority of 4-5 cm, and even increase its volume of 1.5 see

And yet, the decrease of its curvature and increase the libido.

Despite what many men say that the method of their aid (member plus in a few months to 1-2 cm), they mark pain at the port of a device, the key, to wear every day. It is uncomfortable. In addition, the help extension is not everything. If reduces the elasticity of the tunica sheath penis stretch useless.

Factors influencing the duration of a member:

  • heredity
  • characteristics of growth and development
  • the hormonal status
  • fetal

To rub or not to rub

Even more questionable penis enlargement method — the friction of her magic, creams and gels that are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the advertising, thanks to the tanning substances, in only a week you can wear the male body to gigantic proportions. During this time, doctors say that creams penis enlargement more of a "scam".

Indeed, if such tools could penetrate skin, it would be necessary to save them as drugs, and nonprescription and not summer. In the best case, the cream is not bad.

And here is an introduction under the skin of the penis gels, pastes, oil, special transmission is fraught with dangerous consequences, leading to the loss of the skin of the penis and the same ability to have an erection. These patients should operate to save the penis and the recovery of its functions

And here are a vacuum pump, which creates pressure, which would have led to an increase (a different method from the Internet) can easily contribute to the rupture of blood vessels. In addition, the experts recognized that the method is absolutely inefficient. Massage, that offer the craftsmen, or physical exercises, also unlikely to be an expert. How to enlarge penis

The man, whose the dimensions of the genital organs is considerably less than the average, will not solve its problems, coated the genital organs of the cream, or by the load. He should seek medical help.

Today, the only really effective method of solving such intimate problems, doctors call it a surgery, which will really help to increase the authority to 5, it has the indications and contra-indications. In addition, not always the authority needs to increase.

The average size of the penis at rest is approximately 9 cm, erect — about 15. It is statistics, but it is not an ideal to which he aspires.

How to increase penis thickness (all modes)

Possibility of enlarging of penis is always concerned about the men. Studies show that approximately 30 to 40 % of men dissatisfied with the size of the penis. Yes, and artificially created the myth that the larger the size of the penis, it is better, means that these non-satisfied is increasingly. In this respect, the medicine is not in place and is constantly growing in the direction of methods and devices to not only increase the length and thickness of the penis.

The basic techniques

To this day, there are several methods to increase the thickness of the penis. An advantage is that they are suitable for domestic applications. Thus, among the main methods it is important to mention the following:

  1. Manual of the method.
  2. Vacuum of the pump.
  3. Extender.
  4. Medical method based on the use of hormone treatments.
  5. A surgical intervention.

Consider each method in the following:


One of the simplest methods of penis enlargement, in the opinion of men. The most important thing, that the method has no side-effects for the male body and does not require any financial costs on the accessories. Enlarge the penis you can in length and in thickness. To do this, use a variety of exercises.

It is important to understand that, technically, the increase of the length involves the stretching of the tissues in the corpora cavernosa, and the thickness can ensure their expansion. If you call the method for the stretching of the tissues of the sexual organ in men easy, and then on the scale of a necessary condition is to maintain an erection for a period of time. This increases the risk of injury.

Exercises to increase the penis thickness is the most effective erection. Start a workout track with loads of low intensity, and then, gradually, you can increase the intensity and make the exercise more difficult. Do not forget that before you begin the exercise requires a warm up of the tissues.

The faster you can do it with the help of hot water and washcloths. The next important point lies in the abundant presence of fat, you can use any lubricant. During the execution of the exercises of the "dry" and without preheating of the tissue at high risk of injury to the tissues of the penis.

After the preparation to proceed to the execution of the exercise:

  1. Start by stroking.
  2. Gradually boost the pressure on the penis until you reach a maximum erection.
  3. With one hand, press and hold in the area of the base of the penis, the other gently to delay the area of the head.
  4. Continue to delay for one minute, after which the pressure of the weaken, and then repeat the process.

There is another option, exercises to increase the thickness of the penis at home. The preparatory phase of similar, it is not to forget about the first part, and the lubrication. Then tighten the penis in the area of the head and start gradually and resized. At the time of the maximum voltage it is necessary to dwell for a few seconds.

After the execution of the exercise it is recommended to make a relaxing massage that helps to restore the flow. A disadvantage is the duration of the procedure.

the operation

This method allows not only to increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also to get rid of impotence. Vacuum pump for men is a cylinder of the pump. This ability is placed on the penis, and the pump gradually pumps the cylinder of the air. In consequence impossible to obtain an increase of the penis in a short time.

They allow less popular than the vacuum pump. It is not recommended to use in men with the presence of anatomical abnormalities of the structure of the organs of the urinary system. The advantage is the painlessness, effectiveness and lack of side effects.

Extender allows you to adjust the tension and the stretching of the penis. In the following, to get a better result, you can possibly use rods.

It is considered that the observed result is already a month since the beginning of the use. It is important to note that the device extends the cells of the structural elements of the authority, and contributes to the increase of their number.

Therefore, the result obtained is saved a lot of time.